Saturday, November 29, 2008

home, home on the range

so lazy, but it's great. really great. spent a lot of time with my sister and my nephew this week... we made a video that's soon to be released onliiiiine. dude my mac is like not wanting to get on the internet so i'm on mi madre's puterr.

anyway yeah chillin time allowed for more vids while i can, super fun. and i got to use my green wall. which is now my uncle's green wall. aaand yeah changed my layout cause i hated my past ones and finally had time to do what i really wanted to. my head is supposed to bounce but i ran into a dillemma! haha

don't know what else to say. haven't been sleeping much. my cousins who were in the "TOW He's Not Cute" video just left So Cal for home =(

i'mm jetski. until next time!

peace love and taxes!