Saturday, December 20, 2008

just in case you forgot what awesome looks like...

it's being home on a saturday afternoon baking cookies because you're cold in a robe/scarf and the clogs your dutch friend sent you from the netherlands. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

pity me,


Friday, December 19, 2008

my epson runs like a heartbeat...

so along with printing the postcards for the raffle, i'm also printing the holiday postcards i'm sending out to friends this year.

it took me a few days to draw up the postcard for the raffle, and sitting in my favorite coffeehouse from 11am-8pm drawing the postcard for my friends. to sum it up, i love you guys. =)

this is what ninja looks like at 4am printing postcards in the cold. handsome eh? i tend to bite people when kept at low temperatures for long periods of time with minimal foodz...

the next picture is of the raffle postcard. i really hope you guys like it cause i was pretty proud of the idea... well, if you don't... i thought i was clever! haha it's supposed to be me pulling a Christmas tree into my YouTube video play box >_<. womp.

okay so secret is. if there's more people who submit videos to the raffle, i'll most likely print more out to send, but i'm not sure how many video responses i'll get so that's why i'm sticking with 10. So, i think that means that if you submit a vid, the better chance you have at winning? as opposed to you not submitting... and your chances being 0-million... i suck at math.



Sunday, December 14, 2008

i'm mouth breather

been sick the past few days, can't breath through my nose >_<

pretty much the most emo week of my life. but, it's been really good all the same. God's doing crazy things.

this postcard raffle thing totally is overwhelming, but i've decided on a drawing. finished it yesterday. needa print them before i make a video announcing the dates and what not. hope i'm not over my head. >_<

you guys are awesome. all 10 of you following me! haha ^_^


Sunday, December 7, 2008

why am i awake right now?

so i sort've ran into double friend dilemmas tonight. lame.
but isall good.

"hey christian could you be more vague?"


sorry guys, it's late and details can be dangerous. anyhow, two weeks left in the semester.
art finals, regular finals. i die, DIE.