Sunday, December 14, 2008

i'm mouth breather

been sick the past few days, can't breath through my nose >_<

pretty much the most emo week of my life. but, it's been really good all the same. God's doing crazy things.

this postcard raffle thing totally is overwhelming, but i've decided on a drawing. finished it yesterday. needa print them before i make a video announcing the dates and what not. hope i'm not over my head. >_<

you guys are awesome. all 10 of you following me! haha ^_^



hopelle said...

haha, thats so cute! Well, i think i talk on behalf all of the followers (even those that have not "signed up" as followers) that we are more than glad to follow you:)

Hope everything is fine and that you're getting better!

take care!

Chany said...

LOL. Glad to actually be following you! <3 I can't wait for the raffle, because that would totally be fun! & Hope you get well soon!

Anonymous said...

hahah well we're happy to be following you, christian! get well soon :D

itsjustV said...

well feel much better soon!
i hate when you're sick and your nose is completly stuffed!

Christine said...

wow, i didnt know you had blogspot.
and dont worry,
everyone is getting sick these days.. why?
i mean your supposed to get sick after the holidays.
hmm, mother nature is weird.
keep it up with the videos. (:

omgsockmonkey said...

I feel for you. XD

I hope you feel much better by Christmas. It would be such a bummer to be sick on the most wonderful (in my opinion) holiday of the yeaaaaaaar. ;D


jenesis torralba said...

i will pallot you...


Anonymous said...

Hope you get better Christian :)

All the way from Brunei ( a country which most people don't know a thing about,haha),


Geof said...

I forgot about the Ninjablogs :P blogger failed to notify me for your updates but I was one of the first followers :) anyhoo loved your new vid (The one with the raffle). Getr well soon.