Sunday, December 7, 2008

why am i awake right now?

so i sort've ran into double friend dilemmas tonight. lame.
but isall good.

"hey christian could you be more vague?"


sorry guys, it's late and details can be dangerous. anyhow, two weeks left in the semester.
art finals, regular finals. i die, DIE.




Geof said...

Ha! FIrst to comment. Yeah the entry's kinda vague. But glad that you're in the Blogging world as well. Kudos. Love your vids on youchoob too.

itsjustV said...

good luck with finals-although i'm sure you're gonna do Just fine...
and with vague-ness its like the less you know the better

Otaku said...

ahh's good.
and being awake at random times ( no offence and everything) but I guess us teenagers tend to do that because of hormones and stuff, totally messes with our biological clocks.
nice blog.